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Why Lab Work Matters For Your Pet

Just like humans, each year pets are to be scheduled for an annual exam with their veterinarian. Your pet may appear happy and healthy, but can unfortunately have hidden medical problems that can become serious if left undetected. Since a pet cannot tell us what small or large symptoms they are having, veterinarians suggest having your pets lab work done during this time. A simple test can provide many answers to what may be going on with your pet and is the best way to prevent any health issue from becoming worse.

Blood Tests

Blood tests help doctors prevent and treat potentially dangerous illnesses. For instance:

  • When a senior pet has multiple illnesses affecting them, a blood test can pinpoint exact issues.
  • When prescribing medication to a pet, a blood test can ensure they are healthy enough to take it and not be have side effects like kidney or liver issues
  • For young and healthy pets, a blood test gives a baseline representation of what is good health for your pet

Blood tests give your pet many things in one, including a heartworm test, a blood chemistry profile, and a complete blood cell count.

Regular Baseline Lab Work Can:

  • Prevent many health issues from occurring
  • Catch issues in their early stages, making treatment easier and more effective
  • Result in reduced veterinary expenses due to early intervention
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY Increase your pet’s health and longevity

At NOAH, we know how important the life of your pet is, and you can always talk to us about what we recommend screening your pet for at each visit. Be sure to schedule and keep up with shots, and annual exams to help your pet live his or her best life!

New Patients

Thank you for considering the North Orange Animal Hospital your Vet. In order to best serve our existing and new clients, we are now requiring deposits for appointments booked by new clients or previous clients that have not been seen in the last 3 years. We hope you understand and appreciate your cooperation.

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