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Erica started with the NOAH team on the Kennel Staff in 2017 and with great determination and dedication, has transitioned into the position of Veterinary Technician. Erica was born in the windy city of Chicago, but grew up in New York, before moving to Florida in 2015, and has 3 wonderful children who are all grown up. Erica adores her fur children, Iko, a 2-year-old black cat, and Sophie a 1 year old Dauchshund, pictured with her here. Sophie was a big help to Erica since her children have grown up and moved to their own homes. In her spare time Erica loves to be outside and enjoy nature, which she has been able to take advantage of immensely since moving to Florida.

Erica says she loves that in her work, she is continuously learning and adores seeing the many different dog breeds that come to NOAH each day. Clients love her kind heart, and excitement to meet each new animal and enthusiasm seeing those that return for checkups. Her eagerness to learn has shown in her professional growth at our clinic. Our team at NOAH is happy to have such a dedicated employee like Erica to grow along with us!

Due to Hurricane Ian, our clinic will be closing at 12:00pm Wednesday September 28th. We will be back open for business FRIDAY morning pending unforeseeable circumstances. We appreciate your understanding, and are hoping everyone gets through this storm safely and quickly.

If you have an emergency during this time you can contact the Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 407-644-4449


At this time the best thing you can do to prepare your pet is have plenty of food and water set aside for them, let them outside before rain starts, and keep them nearby and feeling safe with no available exits during the storm. Thank you!