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Kaitlyn, a Central Florida Native and Lake Brantley High School graduate, joined the NOAH front desk reception team in 2022. She loves living close to her family and friends. She shares her 2 rescue cats, Gretchin and Howie, with her husband Tyler who is also a Lake Brantley graduate and her high school sweetheart. She claims these special cats are “basically their children.” Howie made an appearance in her photo and his nickname is “Hungry Howie.’

Being out in nature is Kaitlyn’s favorite way to spend her free time, and you can find her hiking, camping, or going to the beach when she is not working at NOAH. She is a very talented singer, and shares her gift as a part of her Church choir. Her sweet presence is also a gift that NOAH appreciates.

Kaitlyn rode horses for most of her life and it taught her important fundamentals about caring for animals. She loves being able to assist animals in living a happy life along with caring for the amazing clients at NOAH.