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Pet Bathing in Apopka

While all dogs don’t require a daily scrub, they do need baths fairly regularly to remain clean, comfortable, and healthy. How often and what type of bath you should give your pet depends on many factors including his/her environment, type of coat, current medical conditions and more. Our Kennel Staff and Veterinary Technicians are experienced in working with animals who need special care such as:

        1. Traditional bath and Toe Nail Trim (TNT)
        2. Flea baths
        3. Medicated Baths
        4. Handling of Nervous or Sensitive animals

Due to Hurricane Ian, our clinic will be closing at 12:00pm Wednesday September 28th. We will be back open for business FRIDAY morning pending unforeseeable circumstances. We appreciate your understanding, and are hoping everyone gets through this storm safely and quickly.

If you have an emergency during this time you can contact the Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 407-644-4449


At this time the best thing you can do to prepare your pet is have plenty of food and water set aside for them, let them outside before rain starts, and keep them nearby and feeling safe with no available exits during the storm. Thank you!