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Pet Surgery in Apopka

Your pet’s well being remains our highest concern; therefore we take all precautions with anesthesia and during surgery to help us achieve a positive outcome.   Most healthy elective procedures, such as spay, neuter, or skin growth removal are generally routine with no surprises. The anesthetics used are commonly used on humans. When performing any surgical procedure, we closely monitor your pet throughout and as they are recovering. We offer very complicated and advanced surgical procedures including but not limited to:

        1. Tumor, skin growth, or cancer removal
        2. Spay/Neuter procedures 
        3. Perineal Hernia removals
        4. Exploratory abdominal surgery
        5. Minor and complicated fracture repair
        6. Cranial Cruciate Rupture Repairs
        7. Medial Patella Luxation
        8. TTA Surgery – Tibial Tuberosity Advancement surgery. This a surgical procedure used to treat cranial (or anterior) cruciate ligament rupture in the knee joints of dogs. It involves cutting the top of the shin bone (the tibia), moving it forward and stabilizing it in its new position in one of a number of ways. Read more about our specialization in TTA Surgery here.