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Pet Pain Management in Apopka

We want to be your pet’s advocate for pain management, keeping them as comfortable as possible. As we age and become increasingly uncomfortable, we have to remember that our pets follow the same path. Like humans, pets also have chronic arthritis and pain. Look for signs such as:

        1. Restlessness
        2. Difficulty getting up or laying down
        3. Being quieter than usual, 
        4. Increased panting (this may happen as pain and anxiety become greater)

We have many modalities to help alleviate their discomfort, including but not limited to:

          1. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory and neuropathic pain medications
          2.  Nutraceuticals such as fish oils, joint supplements, etc.

We continue to look for and offer the latest methods for pain management for all animals. Whether your pet is older and dealing with chronic pain, or on the road to recovery, we can help..

New Patients

Thank you for considering the North Orange Animal Hospital your Vet. In order to best serve our existing and new clients, we are now requiring deposits for appointments booked by new clients or previous clients that have not been seen in the last 3 years. We hope you understand and appreciate your cooperation.

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