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Pet Dental Care in Apopka

Just like humans, your pet’s teeth can affect their overall health. Your pet should receive regular dental checkups annually and cleanings when needed. If your pet has issues such as bad breath, pain when eating, red inflamed gums, yellow or black plaque on their teeth, they need a dental exam. We now provide state of the art dental x-rays that allow us to find fractures. We offer full service dental procedures, which include but are not limited to:

        1. Full cleaning
        2. Ultrasonic scaling
        3. Polishing
        4. Tooth extractions, to include complicated extractions
        5. Removal of oral tumors
        6. Biopsies


Ask us about your pet’s dental care plan, and learn more about dental exam’s by clicking the photo below:

Dispelling Dental Myths

Pet Dental Health Month in Apopka, FL