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Welcome to pet parenthood! During this exciting time of welcoming a new animal into your home, the team at North Orange Animal Hospital is here to guide you every step of the way. With all of the great joy a new pet will bring to you and your family, will also come the great responsibility to remain vigilant and organized when it comes to your pet’s health needs. 

Below we have many great resources for clients with new pets, including educational pieces and advice direct from Dr. Bearden and our NOAH staff. You can also fill out a new client form below to get scheduled for your pet’s first appointment at NOAH. Congratulations on the amazing and selfless choice you have made to become a pet parent!

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What to Expect on Your First Visit

New Pet Immunization Schedule

New Pet Dietary Recommendations

New Pet Flea and Tick Medications

Crate Training 101

Basic Commands for Your Dog

House Training 101

Something Else

New Patients

Thank you for considering the North Orange Animal Hospital your Vet. In order to best serve our existing and new clients, we are now requiring deposits for appointments booked by new clients or previous clients that have not been seen in the last 3 years. We hope you understand and appreciate your cooperation.

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