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French Bulldog Waving A Flag Of Usa And Victory Or Peace Fingers On Independence Day 4th Of July With Sunglasses

July 4 Pet Preparedness

Independence Day is coming up, and although it is a special and wonderful holiday, it is often no picnic for our pets. Keep a close eye on your pet during parties or gatherings where guests may come in and out of your house.

A few tips for nervous fur friends:
-Drown out the sounds of fireworks. Turn on the radio, TV or fan.
-Keep your pet busy. Offer a toy that he or she hasn’t seen in a while. Get out the treats.
-Act enthusiastic. Our attitudes are infectious to dogs.
-Create a safe and quiet place. Closets and crates are great, but tubs and beds (underneath) are fine too.

Below is even more information on pet safety and stats during July 4th.

New Patients

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