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French Bulldog Waving A Flag Of Usa And Victory Or Peace Fingers On Independence Day 4th Of July With Sunglasses

July 4 Pet Preparedness

Independence Day is coming up, and although it is a special and wonderful holiday, it is often no picnic for our pets. Keep a close eye on your pet during parties or gatherings where guests may come in and out of your house.

A few tips for nervous fur friends:
-Drown out the sounds of fireworks. Turn on the radio, TV or fan.
-Keep your pet busy. Offer a toy that he or she hasn’t seen in a while. Get out the treats.
-Act enthusiastic. Our attitudes are infectious to dogs.
-Create a safe and quiet place. Closets and crates are great, but tubs and beds (underneath) are fine too.

Below is even more information on pet safety and stats during July 4th.