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Dog Allergic To Flowers

Types of Pet Allergies

There are multiple types of seasonal allergies that affect our pets. Depending on where you live, these allergies become apparent at different times of year. The two main types of allergies to be aware of for a pet that goes outside are an Inhalant Allergy a Contact Allergy, and of course, a bug (flea or tick) allergy.

An Inhalant Allergy is a reaction that comes from environmental elements effecting the air our pet may breathe in. Tree grass and weed pollen, dust mites, molds, and mildews, are all seasonal allergens. For a pet, most reactions to these allergens manifests with itchy skin or dermatitis. You may catch your dog rubbing his face, licking his feet, or underarms more than usual, this is a sign of allergies.

A Contact Allergy comes from direct contact with an allergen, such as a pesticide in your lawn, and can develop in most animals at any age. Your cleaning products can even unknowingly irritate those curious pups and cats who try exploring areas we have just cleaned. A bath or cleaning can help remove irritation from these specific synthetic kinds of allergies, but more long-term care may be required.

A Flea and Tick Allergy is one of the most common allergies your pet is susceptible to. If your pet has FAD, Flea Allergy Dermatitis, your veterinarian needs to know right away. These symptoms often spike in the summer, and vets prefer to place your pet on medication to prevent a flea or tick infestation from starting before it even begins. If your pet has FAD, itching will be more regular and intense, can last even two weeks after the initial bite, and will not go away unless treated. Hair loss, any redness or rashes, or irregular behavior can all be signs that your pet is being irritated by an allergic reaction to these pesky bites. Using year-round treatment with a flea preventative medication can help break the cycle.

Unfortunately, allergies are common in most pets, but can be treated with the help of a vigilant owner and proper pet care. If you see your dog itching more than often or showing any signs of discomfort, contact us today to schedule a check-up.

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