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Summer is one of our Kennel Personnel who is a 23-year Central Florida native. She lives close to her family and is a proud aunt to 3 nephews, and is still hoping to add a niece to the mix!

Summer is a pet-mom to 2 cats, Myles and Gabby, and Diamond, a 13-year-old Chihuahua. She holds a special place in her heart for her dog Artie, whom she will never forget and always love. In her spare time she loves to relax with her cats and walk her dog as much as she can!

Helping the hospital run smoothly, as well as assisting animals in any capacity is what Summer loves about her job. You can find her working hard to soak up every part life as NOAH employee and an animal care-taker!

Due to Hurricane Ian, our clinic will be closing at 12:00pm Wednesday September 28th. We will be back open for business FRIDAY morning pending unforeseeable circumstances. We appreciate your understanding, and are hoping everyone gets through this storm safely and quickly.

If you have an emergency during this time you can contact the Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 407-644-4449


At this time the best thing you can do to prepare your pet is have plenty of food and water set aside for them, let them outside before rain starts, and keep them nearby and feeling safe with no available exits during the storm. Thank you!