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Three Labrador Retriever Dogs Sit In The Back Of A Car While They All Look In Different Directions.

National Pet Travel Safety Day

Happy #NationalPetTravelSafetyDay! This day was created to help educate the public about the risk of unrestrained pets in vehicles. Here are a few tips on traveling in the car with your cat or dog for short or long periods of time.

  1. Use a Pet Carrier or Seat belt The safest way to avoid injuries is to keep your pet secured in its carrier. You can also purchase seat covers, and pet seat belts that secure your pet in his or her seat. Never let your pet ride in the front seat.
  2. Pack Food & Water For long trips, pack plenty of food and water you can stop at a rest stop or gas station to let your pet stay hydrated and healthy. Make sure your pet is also receiving enough air in their seat.
  3. Get Your Pet Micro-chipped and Update Their Name Tag You should not leave your pet alone in a car, or out of your sight off a leash in any unfamiliar area. However, In case your pet somehow escapes the car, or during a break, the safest way to ensure your pets return is to have them micro-chipped and wearing a name tag on their collar.
  4. Keep Your Pet Inside No matter how much your pet may beg, it is safest to keep them inside the vehicle. Traveling at high speeds with your pet’s head out the window allows a risk of flying objects, injury during an accident, or possible escape.
  5. Check on Them Just as you would at home, it’s great to chat with and check on your pet throughout your car ride. It’s even better for them to have a companion in the back seat with them at all times to keep them company!

New Patients

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