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Taylor was born in Atlanta, GA and has worked as a Vet Tech for the past 5 years, with the most recent year in California! She moved to our area 2 months ago, now living near her mom, stepdad and younger brother. She is quick to share that she has 3 more brothers and a sister who live with her dad and stepmom in Georgia! She is a great addition to the Veterinary Technician team at NOAH and shares that she especially loves that the patients at NOAH always come first.

Taylor has a very special 8 year old hound mix named Daenerys, Dani for short (seen in her picture). Taylor named her after the dragon, Queen Daenerys, from the Game of Thrones. Taylor claims to be “a huge Marvel nerd” and collects Avengers/Scarlet Witch comics. She has ridden horses for the past 20 years.