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Karen Greer is a Certified Veterinary Technologist, from upstate New York. Karen grew up an animal lover, and her entire family has always had a special bond with cats. Karen loved cats so much that as a small child she was caught “borrowing” her neighbors’ cats and letting them sleep in her dolls’ cribs! Currently, she loves living with her own 3 cats, Andhi an 8-year-old black and white cat, and siblings Kirby and Korfi, 4-year-old black and white cats.

Karen graduated from The State University of New York at Dehli in 1990 with a degree in Veterinary Science Technology and moved to Florida in 1991. She then earned a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Science Technology from St Petersburg College in 2006, and also received her CVT certification. Since 1993 she has worked at the Veterinary Emergency Clinic.

In her spare time Karen loves enjoying the arts whether it is a night out seeing a movie, the many broadway shows that come to Central Florida, or a concert. She also enjoys relaxing with some beach time and doing yoga. Karen’s life-long love for animals is apparent, and she feels a connection to anyone with a pet, as she knows the strong bond they feel. She enjoys the results of creating a low-stress environment for any nervous pets or owners and passing on pet education that help owners provide long lives for their fur friends. Karen is well-known for her friendly interaction with our NOAH clients, and we are extremely grateful to have her on board!