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Kara Hicks is a part of our wonderful Veterinary Technician staff.  Kara grew up in Michigan with her parents, Ellen and Tom (she says they’re the BEST!) and older brother Dustin whose loving memory she holds dear.

Kara has grown up as an animal owner and loves her pack fiercely. Horse enthusiasts will love chatting with Kara about her 22-year-old Apaloosa horse, Sierra, she has owned since age 9 and Moose is her warm-blood Mare horse who is 11-years-old. Her domestic pets include Sylvester the cat, Masie her baby Golden Retriever, and her German Shepherd, Arya. It’s no surprise that in her spare time, Kara enjoys riding horses and the outdoors. She adores the beach, and can often be found riding her sand-buggy with her family.

At NOAH, Kara loves hands-on interaction with the patients, and enjoys the challenge of learning something new each day. We are thrilled to have Kara on our team!