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If you’re looking for a NOAH expert, Floybeth is your girl! She was born and raised in Winter Park, Florida and has been a valued receptionist at NOAH for 6 years. She has a close and tight-knit local family consisting of her 3 older brothers, parents, nieces, and nephews.

Floybeth has her own animal kingdom at home including her Orange Tabby Cat, Leonidas; Strawberry, her Shuh Tzu, and her 2 Cockatiels named after the Fitzgerald’s, Fitz and Zelda. When she is not working or spending time with her family, Floybeth has an undying passion for travel and anything creative, like photography and quilting. After any long trip or activity, there is nothing she loves more than curling up for a nap with her cat.

Floybeth’s natural inclination to help others is evident in her day to day approach to client care. Her gentle, yet confident manner is a plus not only to our clients and patients, but also to the rest of our staff.