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Protecting Your Pet From Summer Heat

It’s summer time and many of our pets enjoy the weather as much as we do! With the sunshine out all day, it can be the best time to enjoy outdoor adventures and simply get some exercise. While it is a great experience for your pet to get some time outside, hot weather can be dangerous and precautions should be taken to ensure your pet does not experience overheating or injuries due to weather conditions. Here are some fast facts and tips for you to keep your pet safe this summer!

Keep Paws Cool

When the sun is out, asphalt, metals and other surfaces can get very hot. Try to keep your pet in the grass or off of hot roads and concrete. These warm surfaces can increase body temperature over all, but can also burn their paws. Although they are not enclosed, the hot metal of a truck bed can also be too hot for your pet to step or lay on, and it is not an overall safe place for a pet to be while you’re on the road.

Dogs Can Get Sun burnt

It’s true! You can use special dog sunscreen to ensure your dog’s skin does not get burnt or suffer any long term skin effects from too much sun. You can ask your vet about dog sunscreen as the ingredients in human sunscreen can include harsh chemicals not made for your pet’s skin.

Stay Shaded and Hydrated

Be sure your pet has easy access to fresh drinking water at all times. Dogs and Cats love to sun-bathe, and run around in the warm weather, but being cautious of overheating and making sure they are hydrated will ensure their safety.

Get them Groomed for Cooling & Prevention

Breeds with longer hair or fur will of course be more uncomfortable in the hotter weather. Be sure to give or get your pet regular baths, necessary haircuts, ear cleaning, and flea checks. You should also ask your vet about preventative care and medication to avoid fleas and ticks.

NEVER Leave Your Dog in the Car

We’re sure you’ve heard this before, but it is SO important. The temperature inside a car can reach oven-like heights in just minutes. A quick errand can turn into a fatal situation, and a dog should not be left in a car alone even when it is parked in the shade. It is best to take your pet on errands with you or leave them at home in a safe, air-conditioned environment.

Contact us today for any concerns you have during the summer with your pet, or ask us about flea and tick prevention

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